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UPDATE  4-1-2020

In this new stay at home era I want you to know I can still help you with your computer training and issues.  I am able to log into your computer and share your screen while we talk on the phone.  You will be able to see everything I do and you can end the session at any time.  I am able to accept payment via credit card.  Please contact me for further information.  Thank You.


My goal at ComputerTutor is to teach you, in a personal One-on-One lesson, how to use your computer, smartphone, tablet, smart HDTV, digital camera, or GPS in a friendly, patient, easy to understand manner.  I come to your home or your business in the Washington, DC area and show you specifically what you want to learn right on your own computer or device, either Windows or Mac.  I now have the capability to do this virtually if you do not reside in my geographic area. I can help you with a very basic approach or a more advanced lesson with specific applications.


I have 20 years of extensive experience.  I am also a Senior specialist.  I've had  great success working with Seniors over all these years.  I'm very patient and use easy to understand language, no tech speak.  From general computer use, email, internet, word processing and spreadsheets to learning the latest smartphones and tablets, I'm here to help.


Each lesson is dictated by what is most important to you and what you would like the computer or device to do for you.  My training is completely personalized to your needs and learning abilities.


I serve the Washington DC metro area - Maryland, DC, Virginia.  Again, for those of you that don't live in the DC area, I can still help you through Virtual, phone, and email support.


Here are the advantages of personal training at your location

  • Lessons custom tailored to your needs, skill level, and learning ability
  • Happy to work with beginners
  • A class of one....all the teaching is centered on your needs
  • Focused learning - learn in a couple of hours what would take all day in a class
  • Try everything you learn under my watchful eye
  • More efficient training - no driving to a class and no need to give up a full day's time
  • Scheduling at your convenience - the utmost in flexibility


Some examples of what you can learn

  • Basic computer lesson - teaching the fundamentals
  • How to use a smartphone
  • Learn to use a tablet
  • Working with Email
  • Surfing the World Wide Web
  • Learn to search for information using Google
  • Writing letters and word processing
  • Digital photography and photo printing
  • Updating your windows and all your software
  • Protect your computer from viruses, spam and hackers
  • The various Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
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