UPDATE  4-1-2020

In this new stay at home era I want you to know I can still help you with your computer training and issues.  I am able to log into your computer and share your screen while we talk on the phone.  You will be able to see everything I do and you can end the session at any time.  I am able to accept payment via credit card.  Please contact me for further information.  Thank You.


My Story


I've been training folks at their homes and offices since 1998.  I have worked with a very diverse group of individuals and companies and have achieved a very high success rate.  I am also a specialist in working with Seniors.  I've been serving the Senior community for the past twenty years and have always been able to teach effectively.


In the beginning my friends and family were always asking me to help them with their computers.  I decided to start my own company serving the local Washington, DC area with personalized computer training at the clients residence or place of business, thereby making the training convenient, personalized, and very efficient. 


Since then I have trained in private homes and  both small businesses and large corporate offices.  I have had the pleasure of interacting with many wonderful people over the years and feel a great sense of satisfaction in my work.











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